Privacy Policy

the collection, use, storage and release of personal information

Safeguarding your confidentiality and protecting your personal information is a fundamental concern for Saint Mary's School. The school is committed to meeting or exceeding the privacy standards established by the BC Personal Information and Protection Act governing the collection, use, disclosure and storage of personal information. To ensure you are informed, we have adopted this policy.

Use of this website, including all materials presented herein and all online and offline services provided by Saint Mary's School, is subject to this privacy policy, which is applicable to all site visitors, customers, and all other users of the site. By using this website, you agree to this privacy policy, without modification, and acknowledge reading it.

Information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice.

Student Registration Forms

By registering students in Saint Mary's School, you consent to Saint Mary's School collecting personal information that may include:

  • Student identification information
  • Birth certificate
  • Legal guardianship
  • Court orders if applicable
  • Parent work numbers and email addresses
  • Behavioural, academic and health information
  • Most recent report card
  • Emergency contact name and number
  • Doctor and dentist names and numbers
  • Health insurance number
  • Any other information needed for registration

You consent to having photographs and work samples of your children used by Saint Mary's School in the newsletter, yearbook, parent Facebook page (closed group), parish bulletin, school website and other promotional material. Names will not be attached to photos that appear on this website.

You consent to the school using contact information on phone lists (class phone lists, bus route lists, sports team/club lists, parent participation lists, phone-tree lists).

Parent Personal Information

Saint Mary's School acknowledges that there will be no disclosure of personal information to unauthorized personnel or third parties who are not directly involved in school management or the care, supervision and instruction of your children at the school, and less written authorization from a parent or legal guardian has provided to the school. The school will securely store all electronic and hardcopy information on parents and students.