who we are


St. Mary’s Parent Fundraising Group / Parent Association is a sub-committee of  St. Mary’s Parish Education Committee (PEC).

St. Mary's Parent Fundraising Group / Parent Association is a made up of parent volunteers whose aim is to raise funds and organize community builders for the school.

The Parent Fundraising Committee for the 2018/2019 school year is as follows:

Chair: Rhonda Sexsmith

Vice Chair: Alison Ten Bohmer

Secretary: Giorgia Quadrelli

Treasurer: Therese Andersen

Volunteer Coordinator: Katy Sgouraditis

Member at Large: Martin Godard

What we do

We set the fundraising goals for the year.

We plan and execute all fundraising and community building events throughout the year - though sub-committees are created for some of our bigger, pillar events which require year-round planning.

Money raised is used for the enrichment of our programs, extra-curricular activities, playground and sporting equipment, technology upgrades, field trips and more.

How to get involved

Attend a PFG meeting

Come, be involved in our wonderful school!

Meetings are usually held on the first Monday of each month, and attendance at a meeting counts as one Family Service Hour.

We look forward to seeing you at our next PFG meeting!

Should you wish to present or discuss a topic at a PFG meeting, please email your request to the Chairperson.

Help with a Fundraiser

We're always looking for volunteer help with our fundraising and community-building events. Click the button below to view the current volunteer opportunities.

Latest updates

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