Welcome to Grade 7!

Grade 7 is a significant year at St. Mary’s as students near the end of their elementary journey and look ahead to high school.
We focus our study into three themed units: Who Am I? and The World Today; My Link to the Past; and The Future is Ours.

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The curriculum navigates our three themes as we integrate Catholic Worldview into everything we do.

  • We demonstrate the impact of First Nations influences by incorporating First People’s Principles of Learning.

  • In Socials we study ancient civilizations and their influence on the modern world.

  • Science provides exploration in Life and Earth Sciences, Chemistry and Electricity.

  • Math seeks to build on foundational numeracy skills while challenging students to apply these skills in real life.

  • Language Arts creates exposure to literature; developing communication in written and oral form.

  • In Applied Design we concentrate on textiles, woodworking, and Foods studies.

  • Technology, French, Music, and Art are integrated in a cross curricular format.

  • PE and Health occur with daily physical activity and creating a healthy you both physically and mentally.

  • Preparing for Confirmation is the highlight of our year. For Religion both the Chosen and Theology of the Body for Teens programs are used.

Our Year

Students participate in inquiry based learning and put the Core Competencies into practice. They are encouraged to be examples of their faith to those around them.
Grade 7 Camp, Spirit Day, a field water study, an Egyptian dig, and the water slides are just some of the wonderful opportunities to look forward to!

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Wednesday November 14, 2018

Math Unit 3.4 Multiply/ Divide integers- Thur

Remembrance Day form signed- Thursday

Who Am I? Project Completed- Friday

Wordly Wise Lesson 5 a/b- due Friday

Spelling Test- Friday

Socials Test- Anthropology of Humans- Tuesday

Tuesday November 13, 2018

Math Unit 3.4 Add/Subtract Integers- Wed

Who Am I? Project completed- Friday

Wordly Wise Lesson 5- Friday

Spelling Test- Friday

Sponsor Form Confirmation- Due Dec. 1st

Social Studies Test- Anthropological Order of Humans- Tuesday

Thursday November 8, 2018

Map of Europe- due Tuesday

Who Am I? #4- All About Me- Tuesday

Scripture Journal- Wednesday

Sponsor forms submitted by Dec. 1st

Wednesday November 7, 2018

Bring money for poppies tomorrow

Remembrance Day project- Thursday

Who Am I? #4- All About Me due Tuesday

Tuesday November 6, 2018

Remembrance Day project- Thursday

Math 3.2- Wednesday

Mass tomorrow bring sweaters

Monday November 5, 2018

Spirit Day was a great success!

Remembrance Day project- Thursday

Math 3.1- Tuesday