Welcome to Grade 7!

Grade 7 is a significant year at St. Mary’s as students near the end of their elementary journey and look ahead to high school.
We focus our study into three themed units: Who Am I? and The World Today; My Link to the Past; and The Future is Ours.

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The curriculum navigates our three themes as we integrate Catholic Worldview into everything we do.

  • We demonstrate the impact of First Nations influences by incorporating First People’s Principles of Learning.

  • In Socials we study ancient civilizations and their influence on the modern world.

  • Science provides exploration in Life and Earth Sciences, Chemistry and Electricity.

  • Math seeks to build on foundational numeracy skills while challenging students to apply these skills in real life.

  • Language Arts creates exposure to literature; developing communication in written and oral form.

  • In Applied Design we concentrate on textiles, woodworking, and Foods studies.

  • Technology, French, Music, and Art are integrated in a cross curricular format.

  • PE and Health occur with daily physical activity and creating a healthy you both physically and mentally.

  • Preparing for Confirmation is the highlight of our year. For Religion both the Chosen and Theology of the Body for Teens programs are used.

Our Year

Students participate in inquiry based learning and put the Core Competencies into practice. They are encouraged to be examples of their faith to those around them.
Grade 7 Camp, Spirit Day, a field water study, an Egyptian dig, and the water slides are just some of the wonderful opportunities to look forward to!

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Friday March 13, 2019

Happy Spring Break!

Please review your Confirmation books and complete scripture journals over spring break!

Thursday March 12, 2019

Tomorrow is our variety show at 1:15pm

All unfinished work due tomorrow

Wednesday March 11, 2019

Math test- tomorrow

Art and beading due tomorrow

Tuesday March 10, 2019

Math test- Thursday

Grammar test- Wednesday

Art and Beading . due - Thursday

Monday March 9, 2019

Chosen Challenge- Tuesday

Math package- Tuesday

Math test- Fractions- Wednesday

Grammar Test- Thursday

Friday March 8, 2019

Scripture Journal- Due Sunday

Chosen Challenge- Tuesday

Parent letter to the Archbishop- due Wed

Monday is the Grade 7 basketball game vs. teachers- bring your gym strip

Thursday March 7, 2019

Spelling Test- Friday

Binder Check- Tomorrow

Genius Hour- Friday

Wednesday March 6, 2019

Letter to the Archbishop- ASAP

Spelling Test- Friday

Socials Egypt Package- Thursday

Current Events Package- Thursday

Tuesday March 5, 2019

Good copy of letter to the Archbishop - Now Overdue

Scripture Journal- Wednesday

Spelling Test- Friday

Egyptian Package- Thursday

Current Events- Thursday

Math Fractions package- Wednesday

Monday March 4, 2019

We had an amazing day snowshoeing and tubing today! What a fantastic day to spend outdoors.

Good copies of letter to the Archbishop due tomorrow

Friday March 1, 2019

Field trip on Monday. We are leaving at 7:30am sharp. Remember all your snow gear, extra socks, water and a lunch. Our return time is about 4:30pm.

Please bring in all unfinished work for Tuesday

Good copies of letter to the Archbishop due Tuesday

Thursday February 28, 2019

Tomorrow is pajama day. Bring in a toonie for the Holy Childhood Association.

Genius Hour tomorrow

Math- Fractions worksheet

Wednesday February 27, 2019

Gifts of the Holy Spirit/ Prayer Test- Thursday

Bring your bible for next week

Friday is pajama day/ bring a loonie or toonie for the Holy Childhood Association

Tuesday February 26, 2019

Test signed by parents

Bring your bible for Lectio Divina tomorrow

Letter to the Archbishop Draft- Wed

Gifts of the Holy Spirit/ Prayer- Thursday

Monday February 25, 2019

Quiz on Gifts of the Holy Spirit and Prayer- Thurs

Grammar duotang- Tuesday

Math and Socials Tests Signed- Tuesday

Letter to the Archbishop draft- Wednesday

Friday February 22, 2019

Too bad our retreat got snowed out half way through but the morning was a wonderful one. Thanks to Lifeteen for all their great efforts!

Scripture Journals

Quiz on Gifts of the Holy Spirit and and Come Holy Spirit Prayer- Thursday

Thursday February 21, 2019

Retreat tomorrow- Colour day and lunch provided Please pick up at 4pm

Scripture Journals

Wednesday February 20, 2019

Math Test on Thursday (Circles)

Ancient Civilizations Test- Thursday

Wordly Wise up to Lesson 12 A/b- Thursday

Retreat on Friday

Tuesday February 19, 2019

Wordly Wise Lesson 11 and 12 a/b- Thursday

Math test on Thursday

Ancient Civilizations test- Thursday

Confirmation Retreat - Friday

Monday February 18th, 2019

Family Day

Thursday Feb 14th and Friday Feb. 15th

No school today Pro-D

Spelling test rescheduled to Tuesday

Math Test on Circles/ Cylinder- Wednesday

Socials test on Ancient Civilizations- Thursday

Confirmation Retreat- Friday

Wednesday February 13, 2019

Snow Day Today

Math test next Wednesday- Unit 6

Scripture Journal due Wednesday

Socials Test- Ancient Civilizations- Thursday

Confirmation Retreat- Next Friday

Tuesday February 12, 2019

Snow Day Today

Spelling Test tomorrow

Valentine’s Day

Scripture Journal due tomorrow

Monday February 11, 2019

Pajama Day tomorrow

Socials Package due Tuesday

Spelling Test- Wednesday

Scripture Journal- Wednesday

Friday February 8, 2019

Scripture Journal

Socials Package due Tuesday

Spelling Test- Wednesday

Thursday February 7, 2019

Novel Study due tomorrow

Wednesday February 6, 2019

Novel Study due Friday

Times Tables Quiz- Thursday

Important meeting tonight for Parents at 7pm

Tuesday February 5, 2019

Practice Circles- Wednesday

Field trip tomorrow no uniform

Novel Study due Friday

Monday February 4, 2019

Math 6.2 due Tuesday

Novel Study - Friday

Friday February 1, 2019

Novels completed by Monday

Multiplication facts- Thursday

Scripture Journals- Sunday

Chosen Challenge- Monday

Thursday January 31, 2019

Spelling test tomorrow

Sewing puppets tomorrow for ADST

Wednesday January 30, 2019

Field trip tomorrow to SJB. Wear Red!

Spelling Test- Friday

Puppet Drawings due in the morning

Memorize multiplication facts for next week

Tuesday January 29, 2019

6.1 Math Circumference due Wednesday

Spelling Test- Friday

Grammar up to page 34- Wednesday

Puppet Drawings- due tomorrow

Scripture Journals- Wed

Novel Study- due Friday Feb. 8th

Monday January 28, 1019

Math Circles due tomorrow

Scripture Journal- Wed

Forms for Egyptian Dig field trip