Welcome to Grade 4!

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Highlights & Opportunities

Here's a small sneak peak of what we do in grade 4:

  • The Art of Words” at the Chilliwack Museum

  • Novel Studies: The Tale of Despereaux, Holes

  • Attending CSOPA’s latest dramatic presentation

  • Salmonid in the Class- room (Raising and releas- ing Coho salmon, salmon dissection)

  • STEM challenges based on novel studies

  • IXL

  • Holy Thursday Retreat

  • Acts of Service (Altar serving, choir, reading for masses, etc)

    And so much more!!

Our Class - Routines in the Grade 4 Classroom


  • Students are to enter through our class- room door in the morning. If a student is late, s/he is to enter the school through the main doors and sign in at the office before coming to the classroom.

  • If a student is absent, a note, handwritten or electronic, must be submitted to the office.


  • Students are required to use a planner everyday. If a student does not have any homework, s/he is to write “No Home- work” down for the day.

  • Parents/Guardians are to sign planners each day.

Classroom Management

  • The classroom uses a 1,2,3 Discipline Method as per the School Handbook.

  • Students who receive a consequence will write a discipline essay. This essay is to be signed by the parent/guardian.


  • Homework will consist of work that was not completed in class.

  • Homework must be completed on time in order to fully benefit from the next day’s lesson.

Parent Concerns

• Please contact me through the school at 604-792-7715 (no emails, please).

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