Welcome to Grade 3!

Our Year

Here are some things we do in grade 3:

  • Read Well

  • Knights of Columbus home reading program

  • Reading A-Z & guided reading

  • Reading Power (connecting, visualizing, questioning, inferring)

  • Spelling activities

  • Letter writing

  • Remembrance Day Service

  • 2 novel studies: Jack & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Literature circles

  • Learn & write about a Canadian Indigenous Hero

  • Learn about fairy tales/fractured fairy tales

  • Cursive writing

  • Matter, thermal energy, Canada, landforms, erosion, and ecosystems

  • Indigenous studies

  • IXL

& so much more!

Field Trips

Some exciting field trips include Science experiments with High Touch High Tech, Cheam Lake Wetlands, Blue Heron Nature Reserve and Fort Langley!  

Your Teacher