Why We Fundraise

Why does St. Mary’s need to fundraise?

The parent fundraising group (PFG) meets once a month to discuss planned fundraising activities. All parents are encouraged to attend. Your attendance means you can add one hour towards your volunteer hours, but also you provide valuable support to the school as we need your help and input. If you’re not able to attend PFG meetings, that’s okay as there are many options for volunteering your time to help us reach our fundraising goal. We simply cannot do it without you!

Our target for the year is $50,000, but why exactly do we need to fundraise?

St. Mary’s Elementary School operates within a budget and under half of this budget comes from funding from the government (49% of the per-student government grant the provincial government provides to the public school students in district #33). The other 51% is generated through tuition and other income such as bussing, before and after school care fees, First Nations’ funding and through parent-run fundraising efforts.

The total tuition amount does not equal the complement of the government grant, therefore we work with less money than public schools do per child, hence the need for fundraising. Fundraising is essential to ensure we continue to build and maintain our facilities and equip our classrooms.

Last year, 10% of the fundraising dollars received were allocated towards the building improvement fund and the remainder of funds were used for smart board leases, design of new website and app, badminton/volleyball poles and nets, 3 water fountains, remainder of the bus loan, field trips and other activities such as the Christmas lunch, CSOPA plays, swimming and bowling. Each and every child in the school directly benefits from the result of fundraising initiatives.

Although fundraising money from the previous year was set aside for new basketball hoops, a reconfiguration of the gym has caused a delay. We are hoping to have this rectified soon.

As for the year ahead, we still have room for another playground addition and we need to start saving for another bus. Yes, recently we bought a new school bus, but the other bus will need to be replaced in the near future as the repairs are becoming costly as the bus ages. The use of funds for field trips as well as bringing in engaging and interesting activities and presentations for the children will continue.

We rely on your support and without the generosity of families, friends, and neighbours, St. Mary’s couldn’t be what it is today.

Thank you.

Thomas Slivinski
St. Mary's Elementary