PFG Meeting Minutes: June 2018

Minutes of the Parent Fundraising Committee

June 4th, 2018| 7 pm


Megan, Rhonda, Katy, Therese, Pat, Giorgia, Amanda, Alison, Cindy, Melissa, Tanya, Jenna, Chris, Sara, Kristina 



  • $16,500 funds raised vs. goal of $20,000

  • Too many large fundraisers towards the end of the school year = parent fatigue

  • Need to change the format: older grades are tired of going door to door.

    • We should give them something to do in return for collecting money (i.e. some community give back project)

  • Parents are tired of going to family members and ask for money every year:

    • We should go out to the public and offer something more concrete than just “pledges for our Walkathon”

  • Megan suggested to bring back t-shirts for next year. Thoughts of reusing t-shirts every year instead of getting a new shirt every year.

  • Change of route next year?

  • When collecting money, children are being asked: where does money go to? How many kms are you walking?

  • We need this information relayed to the parents and children at the beginning of collecting pledges.


  • Talk to Sian to see if she would be interested in catering for Oktoberfest.Black Forest menu is not the best.

  • Band booked for Nov 10th.

  • Chris to talk to Tanya about getting German Lagers from Old Yale Brewing Company. Look into beer steins to purchase and sell. Buy a stein with beer and then just pay for the beer refills.

Next steps:  food and liquor:

  • Chris would rather not have a “fundraiser” aspect. No 50/50. If you pay, you get something in return.


  • 104 people reserved

  • Made $200 from sales and $1000 donation froma generous alumni.

  • Possibility to add alumni section to school website



Chair will be picked at the next PEC Meeting and will work closely with Katy’s vision for raising funds for the school.Rhonda volunteered to be the PFG Chair.  If Rhonda was to be away, there would have to be someone else from the PEC be the Chair.

**** Need Vice Chair****
Giorgia -Secretary
Therese - Treasurer
Alison - Volunteer Coordinator
Amanda – Member at large


  • Walkathon – keep it for next year with thoughts of replacing in the future. Teachers love to walk with the classes so we don’t need to change too much.

  • Pass hanging baskets, poinsettias, Purdy’s and Neufeld Farms to the CWL to sell as a parish item not at the school.

  • Coupon books to stay, parking fundraiser to stay, walkathon, Oktoberfest and Monte Carlo.

  • Step up Monte Carlo and bring in food instead of having finger sandwiches and snacks. Therese said CWL was OK with not making sandwiches and that they would rather donate money than time.

  • Bring Spring Salad back.

  • Move Carnival Games Night to a Saturday or Friday night and make it a larger event. Students will still take part in running the games.

 5.3 – Welcome Back BBQ

Carnival Day –Sept 29 or Sept 22nd or June Pro D Day

Oktoberfest Nov 10th

Movie Night Jan 11th

Spring Salad –   ?

Monte Carlo – April 27th

Walkathon – May 17th

FundraisingMelissa Godbout