PFG Meeting Minutes: May 2018

Parent Fundraising Group Minutes
May 7 2018

In Attendance: Pat S, Katy S, Thomas S, Rhonda S, Martin G

Opening Prayer

1.       Approval of Agenda: approved by Martin and seconded by Pat.

2.       Approval of August Minutes: approved by Pat S

3.       Old Business

  • Monte Carlo – cleanup needed more help. Too much work for the staff.

  • Update 70th anniversary celebration – 100 people anticipated. Steven Point and Thomas will be speaking, along with Dave Johnson. The hall only provides paper plates so we will either rent dishes or use the ones from our kitchen and offer paper plated to the KOC for the pancake breakfast on Sunday morning.

  • Walkathon will be using wristbands instead of tshirts. Add principal for a day as a reward.

  • Oktoberfest – band deposit has been made. Jenna unavailable - tabled

4.  New Business

  • look into bleachers as a wish list

  • a more obvious graphic layout for parents would be handy ie. All red sheets would be permission, all yellow sheets would be fundraiser, etc.

  • Can we have one blanket permission slip – Thomas will look into.

  • Fundraising with Spring planting flower bulbs and seeds

    • Katy will look into this and see if it is feasible.

  • Katy mentioned thanking the volunteers and we do have a volunteer tea that all volunteers are invited to come.

Next meeting  June 4.