PFG Meeting Minutes: December 2018

Minutes of the Parent Fundraising Committee

December 3rd 2018 | 7 pm
Attendance: Katy, Rhonda, Giorgia, Alison, Ricci Lee, Jenna, Martin, Therese


Alison moves to approve; Rhonda seconds. PASSED

Minutes of November 5th were approved as amended. Ricci Lee approves, Martin seconds. PASSED

4.0 Movie Night - Jan 11th

  • Movie selected: The Incredibles 2

  • Cotton Candy instead of candy bags

5.0 Trivia Night - Jan 19th

Going ahead with “Decades” theme again. Appetizers will be served.

  • Alison and Therese to take care of food.

Discussion: Should we take a year off Monte Carlo in 2019 and do a big Trivia Night and use those sponsorships towards Trivia Night vs. Monte Carlo (similar to SJB’s)?

  • Invite companies and sponsors to compete, have a trophy engraved.

  • Instead of Trivia, maybe a Gala Dinner instead?

    • Conversation to be continued for next year’s review.

6.0 Pub Night - Feb 23rd

Dukes seems to be the place where most teams make the most profits from 50/50.

Friendly Mike’s has a karaoke night, which would be fun.

The Well at the Casino also as an option with a live band.

  • Need to do some research.

  • Ricci Lee will be the organizer

7.0 Spring Salad - April 26th

Carrie Durflinger and Crissy Buckle are the organizers.  

  • Katy to touch base with Crissy at school and see if anything is needed.  

8.0 Monte Carlo - May 11th

  • Coralee is the organizer. She is looking for a sub-committee to help with coordination: Martin/Ricci Lee/Jenna/Martin – volunteered to help

  • Call for school volunteers to go out in January

  • Food will need to be improved. Proper snacks, like ribs or wings, chips, pretzels, cheese & cracker platters, etc.

9.0 Epicure Fundraiser

  • One representative keeps contacting re: having a fundraiser: Thanks but no thanks.

10.0 Excel Martial Arts Fundraiser

  • Owner is willing to come and teach all grades for a day.

  • The school can sell 30 passes for 1 month trial at $20. All funds would go to the school. Gym gets advertising and kids going to try with potential retention.

  • Self-defense / anti bullying strategies workshop:

    • Giorgia to forward info to Katy

11.0 St. Mary’s Night with the Chiefs

  • Katy met with Barry Douglas, President and Director of Business Development for the Chiefs.

  • St. Mary’s can host one of their events: Jan 12th, Jan 25th, Feb 17th. Preferred date would be Sunday, February 17th at 2:00 pm.

  • Drop the puck

  • Sing national anthem

  • Sell tickets and get a portion back

  • Sell donuts or other goodies not sold onsite already

  • Have a promotional table for the school in the concourse

  • Bell the mascot can participate in one of our events like Walkathon

  • Kids Who Can should be promoted: need to show how St. Mary’s helps the community

  • Art display

    • Need to purchase retractable banner: Therese to speak with Tracy Wulder re: printing graphics.

    • Martin to design


12.0 Cotton Candy Machine

  • Need to decide on booking system and management:

    • Katy to post volunteer opportunity on SignUp

    • Giorgia to create a one pager instruction sheet

13.0 Christmas 2019 Ideas

  • Breakfast with Santa idea was discussed:

    • Knights could arrange a pancake breakfast

    • Kids choir could sign carols

    • Professional photo with Santa on stage: need to recruit a senior parishioner with real beard and belly :)


  • Can we get an inventory of computer/tablets and what grades are using them?

  • Smartboards – is this a yearly lease? Are they being used to their full capability? What teacher are using them, considering this year’s staff changes. Will we need more in the near future?

    • Rhonda to ask again