PEC Meeting Minutes: September 2018

Parish Education Committee
Minutes Sept 27, 2018

IN ATTENDANCE:  Dave Johnson, Rhonda Sexsmith, Jenna Winterhoff, Dale Wagner, Mark Filiatrault, Adrian Gannon, Thomas Slivinski, Pat Symes, Lorelei Holm, Jim Donegan, Giorgia and Noah Quadrelli, Amanda Munroe


  1. Opening prayer -Rhonda

  2. Approval of Agenda - Adrian  and Rhonda

  3. Approval of minutes - No minutes to approve as last meeting was strategic planning mtg

  4. Noah Moraw - presentation re policy for no devices, etc on bus.

friends and him used to bring electronic consoles to play on bus.  Smaller kids would try to watch, and stand up on bus and see. Age inappropriate for smaller children (eg 10+ age level). Small children not listening when Mr Ron would tell them to sit down and not watch. Now Pokemon has replaced it, and if that is taken away, something else will replace it.  Possible solution is making seating plan for kids (gr 7 at back, then gr 6 then gr 5, etc). Also, as a parent, Giorgia has never received any notification of her other child not obeying rules on bus (by standing up and trying to see).

Thomas had made rules for bus specifically for bus trips (see info in email). Thanked Noah for coming out and telling us his point.  We respect your point and thank you for sharing your opinion. PEC will discuss further in camera.


5.1 Treasurer

Mark - Updated budget. Just received info this afternoon.  Would like to look at numbers in more details before providing report if possible.  Can email details

Dave - asking if there is much to report as it is the beginning of the year? Noting that details could be discussed in camera or later.

Choosing a new date for the next PEC meeting se we can hammer through the budget and have our Oct meeting.

Some concern is being voiced over timing - it may be a bit of a crunch to get things done in time to submit and so Jim Donegan can submit something to the parish. We need to share info with them.  Decided that meeting will be moved to Oct 11th Thurs so we can discuss this all and submit by Oct 15th deadline. Should be enough time.

5.2  Pastor

Fr Mark and him have started visiting children in school.  Have completed first round of confessions. Will start on |Advent soon.  Impressed with the children in mass - well behaved, etc. Some children need help with confessions, but overall good.


See principal’s report

Dave - asking about where info re good input about special ed support.  From word of mouth generally.

Ado - question re Mr Mills.  Asking for details on why there is a wait on him starting working. Personal issue is basically the TRB backup


Mrs Holm - introducing herself and thanking for the opportunity.  Been in CISVA for many years. Started at St Mary’s long time ago. Went to Corpus Christi.  Taught many grades. Much experience with children with special needs and IEPs. Gr 7s away. Gr 6 did field trip last week.  Gr 1-2 went to BHR this week. 10 EAs. Impressed with them all. They really care about needs of children and work diligently with and for them. Marla McPherson, and Angela Prost also working together as a team. Lots of children with needs. Word is out there that we are a good school with good care for these children. 2 special needs children in gr 1.  1 in Gr 3. 1 in gr 6. Feeling the gr 6 class in very under-served. There are more children in that class that do/will need more assistance.


See PFG minutes

Need someone to spearhead GC orders as there is un-tapped potential there.  Could be lots more money brought in.

Cotton Candy machine - about $300 to buy.  Would most likely make money back quickly. Asking what people think.

Pat mentioned that Fraser Valley Party Rentals might be better and cheaper.  Not a lot of storage space.

Dave and Ado would like some more details on how this would work and costs involved (maintenance, sugar, etc)


Basketball hoops - want final answer on whether to follow it through or is it shot down? There are structural struggles and it will cost a lot to make the hoops happen.  Should we take that money and apply it to other gear in gym? or…? Adrian will follow up with it and get prices to share

Next meeting will review strategic plan. Need to get things ready for AGM on Nov 1st.



Email list going around as people have asked to have list.

Upcoming meeting dates:  Oct 11, Nov 22, Dec 13, Jan 24, Feb 28, Mar 14, Apr 25, May 23, June 13.  AGM Nov 1st All PEC mtgs ar 6:30

Uniforms - going to do survey.  2-5 questions. Google Forms/Survey Monkey.  WOuld you be in favor of adding (not replacing) a navy polo to uniform?  If you want to voice an opinion on additional uniform options, please state them here,  

Because the white polo can be easily dirtied, is it good to make a change?  Navy polo?

Dave - can we turn that over to a parent group to do?  Also, the uniform provider needs 18 months if we need to make a big change.

Thomas will do survey with questions.  And look into CISVA guidelines for uniform changes

Night Security - Griffin Security cancelled as their fee went up 400%.  Placed Preschool sign up by top of stairs and that has stopped youth going up on roof. Thomas, Dave and Jenna, and Fr Wilfred gave a few examples of people hanging around but no damage really done.



A.Katy - Corporate Sponsorship package created

Ultimate Package should be exclusive (Dave’s opinion).  (His example is the Prospera Center isn’t Prospera and Envision Center).  How do we go about getting this out there? This will benefit us more for next year as businesses will be doing their budget for next year soon. Good to get going soon on this. A few ideas floating around for potential investors. Ado mentioned mailing to some smaller businesses to get the info out there. Consensus = we need to designate some time to getting this out there and best way to make it work, and suggested tweaks. Please PEC members commit to looking at package and potential tweaks. WIll bring forward to next meeting. Mark suggested everyone can list their contacts and designate contacts to each person.

B. Mobile App Renewal - last month is November.  Need to pay to renew for another year. $1628 USD/year. Up slightly from last year, but there is added functionality. Thomas signing renewed.  Motion to renew - approved by all.

C. Short term study winter camp - (Thomas) Chinese corporation.  Winter Bridge. 8-10 kids. Short term. Looking for a quote for how much we would charge.  Also looking for home-stays. Currently home stay is exclusively through Edu Pro. We need to see what makes sense for us to charge them? Told them that we are battling class sizes, so we won’t overload classes. They want Home Stay and School rates to be separate. Should be an admin fee

Rhonda suggested - EduPro rate is $1200/month, so charge half of that. Should short term be a little more?

Dave - come up with weekly amount,  

Mark - for current international students, can we figure out hourly/daily rate?

Fr Gomes - do other schools do this?  What do they charge?

Thomas will put something together.  Idea is $300/week plus $50 admin fee

D. Support Staff (will deal with In Camera)

E.  Before/After School Care Issue - has been resolved already

F. AGM 7:00 Nov 1st.  Rhonda going over process/agenda for it.

Speaker?  Mr Martninen?  On Marine Robotics program that will be happening?

Strategic Plan

Needs to be put together in Oct.

G. Cotton Candy Machine (see above)

In Camera

Closing Prayer.

PECMelissa Godbout