PEC Meeting Minutes: March 2019

Parish Education Committee
Minutes March 14, 2019

IN ATTENDANCE:  Dave Johnson, Lori Johnson, Rhonda Sexsmith, Jenna Winterhoff, Dale Wagner, Mark Filiatrault, Adrian Gannon, Thomas Slivinski, Fr Wilfred Gomes

GUESTS: Katy Sgouraditis, Robin Olivares

1.    Opening prayer - Rhonda

2.    Approval of Agenda

Lori approved, Second Ado

3.    Approval of Minutes - February 25, 2019

Rhonda approved, Second Mark.

4. . Fundraising Update

Katy - update on fundraising for the year. End of Feb ->$16338. $1400 Pub Night.
Projected for end of year + $54,000.
Going to have fundraising mtg on May 6th and invite new families as well. WIll encourage people to bring forth ideas, and hoping to have more parent-led fundraisers.

5. Kyle Nielson - Evangalium Consulting.

Video chat via Zoom. Organizational Health: The missing and multiplying ingredient. 2 basic elements - SMART + HEALTHY. Smart tends to get more attention because it is more measurable. But Health can sometimes fall behind. Compare Smart to plants. And Health to soil. Build a cohesive leadership team. Create clarity. Over-communicate clarity. Reinforce clarity.

Spirituality. Trust. Conflict. Commitment. Accountability. Results. Often the principal is taking on more that they can/should on their own. Building a small team to work closely with him, and gradually form smaller teams under the leadership of that original small team can lead to great results. Primary, Intermediate, and Resources team are the most common teams. This can all lead to: a real leadership team, minimal politics and confusion, high morale and productivity, low negative turnover, reliance on Jesus



See Attached - Principal’s Report

ACTION ITEM: Speak with Allegiance 1 Security


Robin Olivares reporting.
KG - working on fairy tales. Growing beans and begonias. Learning needs of plants. Making predictions on experiments.
Gr 1 - Created Lenten calendars. Writing stories. High touch, high tech - went really well!
Gr 2 - Cities/towns/villages. Measurements w/ cm. Reading “Run Away Pancakes”. Will be creating leprechauns.
Gr 3 - multiplication and division. Ecosystems. Went to Stillwood. Novel study based on feelings/emotions. Connecting feelings with colours and writing about it.
Gr 4 - salmon hatching. End of medieval project. Went to museum. Working on molecules. Made homemade ice cream.
Gr 5 - earth science - rocks. Writing spooky stories. Motion Geometry. Area & perimeter. Expert Hours
Gr 6 - ASDT - sewing puppets. Outdoor Ed - went to Hemlock with gr 7’s. Writing about it. Went to Trout hatchery. Global cooperation. Taco Sales. Last time made over $400. Pancake breakfast.
Gr 7 - ASDT - bead work. Sewing machines, sewing puppets. Novel studies, Went to Hemlock with Gr 6’s. Helped organize things about Spirit Week. Talent Show tomorrow
Lucero has set up Google accounts for gr 5, 6, 7. Thank you Lucero.  


Speaking about fundraising. And roles of PEC members.

Speaking about appointed members

Speaking about parent volunteers. Maybe listing volunteer jobs as different priority levels?



 See attached minutes. March PFG Meeting Minutes


Engineer was here today for basketball hoops. Construction manager. He looked at how hoops are currently installed. He gave some information on different options. Looked up at ceiling. Laminated beams. Could be ceiling mounted and could be raised out of the way when not in use. They took all of the measurements. They will put 2 proposals together for us.


 Our fundraising bank account is supposed to be zeroed out every year. We are not supposed to keep it from year to year.

Got a lot more of our grants in over the last month. Biggest variants are instructional expenses. But the extra expenses came from money received from Jordan’s Principal.

Need to look into a few categories to make sure everything is up to date and in the right place.

Upcoming budget - CISVA draft due May 15th. Need to think about how much we want to allocate for fundraising. And where we want to use those funds.

Should smart board leases be under fundraising? Decided that no, it is an extra on top of regular instructional expenses so it is ok to use fundraising $

Rates to charge international students.

Wanting to hear from staff what they would like added to budget. This will happen in the Spring. Hoping to meet up PEC and teachers soon to discuss their wants/wish list

Need to get arrears list from Lucero for overdue tuition, etc
DEADLINE: for next mtg

ACTION ITEM: Come up with a list of items that we will be using fundraising $ on
DEADLINE: for next mtg


  • Sea Can container. $3500-$4000 per container. (To use for extra storage) Looking in to whether or not it was approved as an expense by previous PEC. If it was, we will buy it.

  • Kyle Nielson - Evangelium Consulting. Going to look into other schools that have used him before and think about how and if this is feasible.

  • PEC elections - do we have a PEC pkg for expectations for PEC members?



  • Clothes for kids - we should discuss this next Sept for next winter.

  • Internet service provider update - looking at options. Got quote from Shaw for 3 options. Dale makes a motion to upgrade our internet contract to a 5 year term, 300 Mbps, 3 access point system with Smart Security. Dave seconded. All in favour = everyone. Passes unanimously.

  • Spoke about a payment processing system that can simplify online payments and debit/CC payments

Closing Prayer - Rhonda


PDF of PEC Minutes






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