PEC Meeting Minutes: May 2019

Parish Education Committee
Minutes May 23, 2019

IN ATTENDANCE:  Dave Johnson, Lori Johnson, Rhonda Sexsmith, Jenna Winterhoff, Dale Wagner, Mark Filiatrault, Adrian Gannon, Thomas Slivinski,

GUESTS: Fr Mark, Pat Symes

1.    Opening prayer - Rhonda

2.    Approval of Agenda

Ado approved, Second Dale

3.    Approval of Minutes - April 25, 2019

Rhonda approved, Second Lori.



See Attached - Principal’s Report

As discussed before, For extra 1/2hr for all 9 EA’s, it would go up about $15,000 more per year.

This doesn’t take into account funds received from Jordan’s Principle funding, which would help balance this difference. (Jordan’s Principle account has been extended to March 2020) Extra EA hires will be covered by Jordan’s Principle because they will be working with First Nations students


No teacher present.


No report today


 See attached minutes. May PFG Meeting Minutes


Nothing new to report this month. In the process of getting structural drawings, etc so we can move forward.


#’s up to date As of April

Most things have gone through so far. Mostly just tuition to be coming in until the end of school.

We are tracking well, hoping to have a slight surplus at the end of the year

There might be some more $ coming in from parent participation fees

We had asked for an update re: cash. As of last week, there was $80,000 in fundraising account. $ will come out for basketball hoops. $30,000 in there for the bus. More will be coming in (walkathon might not be in there yet) We are not supposed to bring this money forward unless we have special permission to carry it forward. We need to look into this and have a plan by next meeting. Rhonda will check her minutes and let us know what was previously discussed. Hopefully we can have the next meeting in first half of June so we will have time after things get approved to purchase before year-end.

ACTION ITEM: Ask CISVA about holding funds for year to year (eg for bus)
DEADLINE: next mtg

ACTION ITEM: Get list of important things the school NEEDS
DEADLINE: next mtg


  • PEC elections - next weekend. Most mass times have been filled. PEC members cannot be helping We need a few more people to help out.
    Whoever gets elected will be coming to the next meeting. If there is in camera, they cannot be part of that, and they won’t be able to participate in the meeting - just as observers.

  • Staff wish lists - we would love to have meetings like that 2-3 times a year where PEC and teachers/staff can get together to have PEC/teacher feedback. Try to fit it in Pro-D days (?). One of the biggest things that the teachers were wanting is new and updated and more technology. Jenna will forward notes from luncheon so PEC can read and we will discuss how we can help the teachers.

  • Bus - will look into how much is needed for down payment. (full cost approx $110,000)

  • Budget - only a few unknowns (eg EA hours) for next year. Will have better idea for next mtg ST. MARYS SCHOOL CHILLIWACK Parent engagement survey - discussion over

ACTION ITEM: Define the PEC fundraising position
DEADLINE: next mtg

ACTION ITEM: Send notes from teachers luncheon to PEC for review and discussion
DEADLINE: next mtg

ACTION ITEM: Edit the survey and add questions if needed
DEADLINE: next mtg


First Nations Resource room - need to figure out where we could have this. We could possibly create a multi-purpose room - just need to turn the current KG double classroom into 2 rooms - just need to put up a wall in the middle. Opens up a lot of options. Window there, door there, space there… this could be used for First Nations room, meeting room, etc

2019/2020 First Nations Support Worker - could do days/week here. Support for kids. Teach them Halq’emeylem as well. (Can we use Jordan’s Principle funding for some of this?) Dave makes a motion to hire Leanne Julian to the role of First Nations Support Worker and Halq’emeylem language teacher in a capacity of 3 days per week for a total of 18 hours per week. Mark seconds the motion. Unanimous yes votes all around.

EA’s - currently they are paid ‘bell-to-bell’. They are often here before the bell, and after the bell, liasing with the teachers, updating the parents, etc. Dave makes a motion to accept version 2 of the learning resource schedule for next year. Dale seconds the motion. Unanimous yes votes. See attached for schedules Next PEC meeting will be Mon June 17th @6:00

Next meeting May 23rd 6:30

Closing Prayer - Rhonda


PDF of PEC Minutes






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