PEC Meeting Minutes: April 2019

Parish Education Committee
Minutes April 25, 2019

IN ATTENDANCE:  Dave Johnson, Lori Johnson, Rhonda Sexsmith, Jenna Winterhoff, Dale Wagner, Mark Filiatrault, Adrian Gannon, Thomas Slivinski, Fr Wilfred Gomes

GUESTS: Fr Mark, Melissa Godbout

1.    Opening prayer - Rhonda

2.    Approval of Agenda

Rhonda approved, Second Lori

3.    Approval of Minutes - March 14, 2019

Dale approved, Second Lori.



See Attached - Principal’s Report

Students did pre-Easter, Lenten confessions. Masses are going well. Hoping to find ways to bring more students to weekend masses.


No teacher present. See principal’s report for a few notes


Speaking about fundraising. And roles of PEC members.

Speaking about appointed members

Speaking about parent volunteers. Maybe listing volunteer jobs as different priority levels?


 See attached minutes. April PFG Meeting Minutes


  • Got a quote from Centaur for Ceiling Fold Backdrops for basketball hoops. Quote is $23,250.00. They need to know by May 25. GST is not included in quote as well as electrical costs

  • Dale makes a motion that we approve the basketball hoops at cost quoted plus GST and electrical to be completed this summer. Unanimous vote for yes.


Have preliminary budget for 2019/2020. Included are all current students registered. As well as 6 potential. For International students, also includes 4 potential international students. Jordan’s Principal EA’s have not been added as yet because we aren’t sure what that will be next year. Looking at from big picture perspective, it is down a bit from last year but fairly similar. (About $40,000 less) Preliminary numbers as of right now. We can make changes as needed.

Mark makes a motion to approve the 2019/2020 preliminary budget as presented. Unanimous yes votes across the board.

For this year - drawing close to end. Budget is drawing very close to last year’s budget. Surplus of nearly $300,000. Have not paid 3 months of salaries as of that point, so it will be pretty close by the end of June. Will have tuition coming in still til June as well.


  • Sea Can container. $3200- $6550 (for on which was used once). Plus $300 for delivery. Should probably have some timbers laid down underneath. Would go for the $3200 one. Dale makes a motion to purchase a CCAN for $3200+$300 delivery plus applicable taxes. Unanimous yes votes.

  • Kyle Nielson - Evangelium Consulting. We haven’t looked into it further as yet. Would like to speak to references first. Will also look into numbers to see if it is feasible.

  • PEC elections - Ricci -Lee Nolan, Giorgia Quadrelli, and Lydia Hatch will be running. Any people who are members of another parish cannot run.

  • Do we as a PEC give one of the PEC positions the role of fundraising? (As opposed to /member-at-large)?

ACTION ITEM: Look into finances for Evangelium

 ACTION ITEM: Look at references for Evangelium


  • Bus costs for new one. $110,000. $1100/month (to be paid from fundraising $). We were able to pay it off very quickly last time due to Knights of Columbus and generosity of school/parish. Think we have $30,000 saved from previous years. Maybe we could ask parents for interest free-loans? ($1000/each and pay it back as we go)?

  • Staff wish lists - can we replace desks & chairs in one classroom each year? Why don’t we set a date for a staff/PEC dinner and ask staff what they want. it would be a good opportunity to sit down and listen to their wants and needs. After walkathon? Sarah Gillespie - Dave makes a motion to approach Sarah Gillespie with a contract for a continuing contract for the 201/2020 school year. Unanimous yes votes across the board.

  • 2019/2020 - Dave makes a motion that given Loreliei’s leaving St Mary’s, we need to allocate $2000/month for IEP case management and other LRC related duties until the end of the school year. Unanimous yes vote.

  • Parent Engagement Survey - Good time to do another parent survey. Want to put survey out right after next meeting. Let’s review and update as needed.

    ACTION ITEM: look into $ saved for the bus from previous years.

    ACTION ITEM: throw out dates for staff to see what works for a lunch or weeknight dinner.

Next meeting May 23rd 6:30

Closing Prayer - Rhonda


PDF of PEC Minutes






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