PEC Meeting Minutes: January 2019


Parish Education Committee
Minutes January 24, 2019

IN ATTENDANCE:  Dave Johnson, Lori Johnson, Rhonda Sexsmith, Jenna Winterhoff, Dale Wagner, Mark Filiatrault, Adrian Gannon, Thomas Slivinski

GUESTS: Lorelei Holm, Pat Symes

1.    Opening prayer - Rhonda

2.    Approval of Agenda

Lori approved, Second Rhonda

3.    Approval of Minutes - December 13, 2018

approved, Seconded. Need

4. Katy - Recap of Past 6 Months

  • Figuring out all the details still and finding my feet. My personal goal is to raise $100,000 over the year. Newsletter - updating it, keeping online presence increasing. St Mary’s Got Talent - showcasing kids and being proud of them and sharing their accomplishments. Also being able to cross-post companies that kids are going through....

  • The next 6 months - honing in on a few things. Corporate sponsorship is a big one. Revised from before. 3 levels. Getting feedback from local businesses to make this worth it for them and for us. Big events coming up, and continuing to research grants. Continuing to work really hard to keep things moving forward for the school. Please feel free to come and talk to me if you have any ideas or have any questions. Been in contact with K of C and CWL as well to make the community connections. Expo and Chiefs game in Feb will be promoting the school using some new promo materials.



  • New budget going around - the biggest change is additional funds from Jordan’s Principle.

  • Internally restricted funds - not to be used for wages, etc. More for those bigger one-time improvement expenses.

  • Question - can we find out for each fundraiser, how much was spent vs how much was raised?

  • Update - Fr Wilfred has asked about updating budget so we can have more of a month by month budget so that we can see more clearly as we go

  • $461,000 in Internally Restricted Funds.


Not in attendance


See Attached - Principal’s Report

5.4 TEACHERS - Lorelei Holm

See attached report for classes - (report not attached)

  • Update on Jordan’s Principle Funding for students. Receiving funding for at-risk aboriginal students so that we can provide much-needed supports for them. This turns into EA’s, tests, SLP, OT, equipment, etc Working on getting funding for getting a lift for the school.



 January PFG Meeting Minutes


  • Craig from Centaur is coming out on Jan 31st to meet re: basketball hoops, Going to start from scratch to look into possible options.

  • Door in upstairs room - instead of replacing the whole door, will be easier and less expensive to cut out a spot and add glass. Ado will tackle this in the next 2-3 weeks


  • Corporate Sponsorship Pkg - previous one was too long for a business owner. As a business owner - it needs to be simplified. Crucial info needs to be 1 pk of bullet point notes. If that catches their eye, they’ll read more. Wanting to meet with her



  • Mess at the school entrances and stairs. On Sat, CLW mtg. No one was under the stairs, but there was a bunsen burner, etc sitting there. Feces, etc. Needs to be cleaned on an ongoing basis. What do we do? Have had no security for past 6 months. Dave or Lori Will look into getting some quotes on security.
    ACTION ITEM: Look into security again for nights.

  • Evangalium Consulting - Thomas looking at as an option for staff to build a leadership team for the school. Handed out pkg to PEC members to look at and consider. Hoping to have in place next year. Packages can be tailored to our needs.

  • Parent Participation Program - Finalized changes to new policy, mostly in regards to the new 5 hours to be worked at a PFG fundraising event.

  • Ron’s bus - we need a new bus soon.

  •  One BIG thing - we should try to tackle something significant and accomplish it by the end of the year. Budget was suggested. Simplifying and making it more “real-time” so we can see as we go what has been spent, what needs to be done, etc. Wanting PEC to think about this so we can discuss.

  • Next PEC mtg moved to Feb 25th as a few PEC members

Closing Prayer - Rhonda


PDF of PEC Minutes






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