PEC Meeting Minutes: December 2018


Parish Education Committee
Minutes December 13, 2018

IN ATTENDANCE:  Dave Johnson, Rhonda Sexsmith, Jenna Winterhoff, Dale Wagner, Mark Filiatrault, Adrian Gannon, Thomas Slivinski,

GUESTS: Lorelei Holm, Pat Symes,

1.    Opening prayer - Rhonda

2.    Approval of Agenda

Lori approved, Second Dale

3.    Approval of Minutes - November 22, 2018

Rhonda approved, Second Dale



Mark - Update attached (not attached)
Revenue - we are showing a surplus currently.
We are tracking well YTD. We are doing fairly well as projected earlier.


Confessions happened. Very happy with how well prepared the children were. It all went very well. Wednesday masses have been going very well also.


See Attached Principal’s Report


No teacher present for meeting. Brief summary in principal’s report.



  • It was decided that we might do another Trivia Night. It depends on volunteers. Need to check in with Alison ten Bohmer to see if it is still a go.

  • December PFG Meeting Minutes



  • We have had a mechanical engineer out, and I met with the operations manager and carpenter foreman from SD33 to look at it. There has been way too much time spent on this, but previous to this, only 1 person came out to actually take a look at this.
    Cost-wise, it doesn’t make sense to continue on doing this with no one coming out to take a look at the site. Everything has been based on paperwork and seemingly incorrect/incomplete measurements.
    Wondering how to proceed... do we scrap everything from the past, and start new? Should we get a rep out from Centaur (basketball hoop supplier) to come out and take a look? Do we move on to something else?

    Seems like we take a clean break and start fresh. Need to ask the parish office for the original structural drawing for the gym.

  • Gym renos (bathrooms). Jeff Armstrong (from Structural Planning Meeting) has a plan in place to fix up the bathrooms in the gym. Plan should be ready for Dec 31st


  • Strategic Plan - we need to send an update to parents (on website, for example)

  • Corporate Sponsorship Packages - we need to help Katy with the pitch. (eg. what’s in it for the businesses?) Just needs to be tweaked - Lori and Dave to go over it and make suggestions

  • Edupro - we are not getting the revenue we used to, as a result, the “deal” we gave them on $1 classroom rental fee is not lucrative for us. Our revenues are way down. - Parish issue to look into with finance committee
    ACTION ITEM: Father Wilfred needs to decide what to do re: Edupro renting classrooms (fee per day/week) for using the school.
    Dave to speak to Fr. Wilfred

  • Uniforms - results of the survey are in. Comment made of survey. Some people think that there shouldn’t be 2 (or more) email addresses per family. Some people think that one per person is better. Approximately 117 people did not respond. 64 voted yes for the change. 20 voted no. It was stated very clearly that a non-response means that you are happy with the status quo. We want to make sure that we are not neglecting our agreement with the uniform supplier.

    Ado proposes a motion - to keep the uniform as is currently. Lori seconds the motion. Vote passed with 5 votes yes and 2 votes no.



  • Parent Participation - if we move to 2 cheques (Jan and June 15) this gets us through the Christmas season for parents to volunteer. Will add some mandatory hours to be done at one of the main fundraisers
    ACTION ITEM: We need to make a proposal for volunteer hours. Making some mandatory. We need to discuss some options/totals
    Next Meeting

  • Next meeting possibly in annex, tbd. Jenna to book annex for the year form upcoming meetings if okayed

Closing Prayer - Rhonda

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