PEC Meeting Minutes: November 2018


Parish Education Committee
Minutes November 22, 2018

IN ATTENDANCE:  Dave Johnson, Rhonda Sexsmith, Jenna Winterhoff, Dale Wagner, Mark Filiatrault, Adrian Gannon, Thomas Slivinski

GUESTS: Lorelei Holm, Pat Symes, Kristina Choboter

1.    Opening prayer - Rhonda

2.    Approval of Agenda

Rhonda approved, Second Dale

3.    Approval of Minutes - October 11, 2018

Tabled until next month as we need to go over once more.



Mark - Update attached (not attached)
We are showing a slight surplus. $60,000+. YTD actual results so far.


Fr Wilfred not in attendance today for report


See Attached Principal’s Report

Amendment - Staff section C. Some more concerns - may be exclusive type of choir, and the possibility of it becoming an elitist group is something we may want to avoid. Students are able to join Mrs DeWitt outside of school time. Some things to consider, on top of what is in principal’s report.  

4.4 TEACHERS - Kristina Choboter

Christmas musical practices are continuing. WOrking on costumes, props, etc

In summary:

  • Halloween was a blast with a new costume parade and prizes for the costumes from the Leadership team.

  • FSA tests completed by Grade 4-7

  • Remembrance Day Service hosted by Grade 3 - did a great job.

  • Grade 6/7 volleyball just finished their season

  • Now starting Grade 4/5 girls and boys volleyball and Grade 6/7 basketball

  • K- Door is open every Thursday for parents to come in

  • 1- Preparing for field trip to the chilliwack museum

  • 2-Celebrated All Saints Day/ Mickey's 90th birthday

  • 3- Celebrated All Saints Day/ Recycling initiative to collect milk cartons

  • 4- Completed oreo project on phases of the moon

  • 5- Numerous hands on activities; group work

  • 6/7- Kids Who Can preparing for christmas market on Saturday
    Mrs. O and students working to make hand made signs for the event

  • Students entered Remembrance Day contest hosted by Legion Learning about Holocaust/ War history



  • Busy with Oktoberfest. Small report by Jenna. Successful - especially since it was a community builder, not a big money maker. Waiting on final tally for profit. Will be between $3000-$4000. Already have lots of ideas to make next year’s better and more profitable! Fun was had by all who attended (from what we have heard). NEED more volunteers next year.

  • November PFG Meeting Minutes



  • Ado - attended asbestos seminar on Saturday. Every room in the building has been looked at Report was done. Will be asbestos review/management plan coming with how to deal with existing asbestos. It is not a threat. We just need to be aware of specific areas when we do any future renos. Anyone who comes in to school to do any work will need to read the report and sign off on it. Ron, subcontractors, parent volunteers. Even for making holes in the wall for a new whiteboard.
    Thomas will sit down with maintenance team to go over these details with them. To make everyone aware that it is there. But not a threat/danger if we deal with it properly. It is in most schools. Not just ours.

    We will write up something for parents to make everyone aware.


  • Strategic Plan. How do we want to share with parents what we are working on? And what has changed.
    Dale asking - can we just use the slides from AGM? All the same info, right?
    Thom - add it to the website as a banner?

  • Cotton Candy Machine. Are we paying for that? It is going to be covered through the PFG $. What is the process here? We will reimburse Giorgia. Katy will be at the craft fair making cotton candy with proceeds going back to paying it off. Dave - making motion to cover the cost. Jenna seconds motion. All in favour unanimously.

    Thomas will have results for uniform survey soon. He wanted to give parents lots of time to respond. Question - are there lots of parents who haven’t responded? Thom says yes, about half. Discussion about what do do about the half of people who haven’t voted? Does their vote mean a yes? Or a no? Or nothing? We will have more details and discuss further next month.

  • Edupro. No commitment on their end. Loosey-goosey. 3 students or 1 student - they have no minimum number commitment.
    ACTION ITEM: Father Wilfred needs to decide what to do re: Edupro renting classrooms (fee per day/week) for using the school.
    PERSON RESPONSIBLE: Dave to speak to Fr Wilfred



  •   2018/2019 Registration packages. Rhonda - parent had asked if they could have a separate payment sheet if parents are separated.

  • Parent Participation - if we move to 2 cheques (Jan and June 15) this gets us through the Christmas season for parents to volunteer

    • 30 hours. Can we make 5 hours for fundraising? There is no reason for us to be short for big fundraisers. SJB requires 5 hours per year at a main fundraiser or a work bee. Can we make something like this happen? Not sure if we should make work bee part of it? Currently 3 cheques are $125 each.

    • ACTION ITEM: We need to make a proposal for volunteer hours. Making some mandatory. We need to discuss some options/totals
      Next Meeting

  • Maintenance schedule - we used to have one. Ado has never seen one. He has asked for one but never seen one. Used to be one (which classrooms to be painted, etc). (Can we get parents to do a deep clean once a month or so to do a deep clean for things that the cleaners won’t do) Will discuss further next meeting. Rhonda will look for old maintenance schedules for us to look at.

  • Parent Handbook - discussed earlier. Motion to approve changes to parent handbook made by Mark.. Seconded by Dale. All in favour unanimously.

Closing Prayer - Rhonda

PDF of PEC Minutes








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