PEC Meeting Minutes: June 2018


Parish Education Committee
Minutes June 14th, 2018

IN ATTENDANCE:  Megan Peterson, Rhonda Sexsmith, Fr. Edwin, Adrian Gannon, Dave Johnson, Colette Whalley, Thomas Slivinski, Lori Johnson, Melissa Godbout

GUESTS: Mark Filiatrault, Jenna Winterhoff, Angela Groves, Dale Wagner, Pay Symes, Amanda Munro, Sara Katchaluba, Katy Sgouraditis

1.    Opening prayer

2.    Approval of Agenda

Lori approved, Second Dave

3.    Approval of minutes - June 8, 2017

Lori approved, Second Dave


4.1 Treasurer

Not all information received for May. Large net loss for May which is normal. 
YTD surplus of $32,000 & met our fundraising goals.  For auditing purposes, we must fill a form regarding surplus funds and what we are going to do with it.

4.2  Pastor


See Attached (below)

Enrolment down by 14 students for next year.



No teachers available 



  • Discussions around changing the uniform shirts to a different color as the white gets dirty and hard to clean.  Also, changing suppliers as the quality of the shirts are very poor. 

  • New Formal Committee Members: 

    • Chair – TBD tonight and works closely with Katy

    • Secretary – Giorgia Quadrelli

    • Treasurer – Therese Andersen

    • Volunteer Coordinator – Alison ten Bohmer

    • At large – Amanda Munro

Dates were determined for next years fundraising efforts. 



  • Still waiting to hear from engineer about our basketball hoops. 

  • By the end of next week, we should have a full list of items for volunteer hours.

Action items - Follow up with engineer

Person responsible - Ado

Deadline - ASAP



Dave working on a tracking model for strategic plan so when it’s handed off, it will be easy to follow.



Thomas sent an email on May 22nd for a corporate quote and still has not heard back from Geek Squad.



Online Payment Program from KEV Group quoted us $50/student.
MunchaLunch Program is $350 for the year, first 3 months free. 

Conclusions - MunchaLunch a better price point for us.



  • Annual App Fee $1000 plus $90 for………

  • Website:  888 unique visits since June 1st

  • Facebook:  220 page views since May long weekend




There are discussions amongst the community to change our uniform colors and suppliers due to poor quality and hard to keep clean.  It was brought up at the Fundraising Parent meeting and brought to Thomas’ attention personally.

 Lori mentioned that we have a gentleman’s agreement with our current supplier, and we need to give them 2 years notice to change colors of uniform shirts or cancel the contract. 

Conclusions - A strong case must be proven by the community that most are in agreeance to making a change and then a uniform committee must be assembled. 


Our school grounds and busses have been vandalized by troubled causing young teens.  Bus defacement, throwing rocks, breaking lights, ect. 

Thomas would like to bring back Griffin for night security.  Fr. Edwin opposes as he does not think it will make a difference.

Conclusions - $6000/year for ONE night visit from Griffin.
Make bus enclosure more secure.
- Look into “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” through the community policing office.

Action items - Get a quote from Alliance

Person responsible - Thomas

Deadline - ASAP


Concerns have been brought forward about parents dropping children off too early before supervision starts at school grounds as well as not watching their children after school at the playground. 

Suggestions:  Children that come early before supervision to go to morning mass.

                      Parent Volunteer Opportunity afterschool for ½ hour playground supervision.

Conclusions - A letter will be sent to parents reminding them of expectations and then a personalized letter will be sent to repeat offenders. 


Teachers feel that Art & Drama are already part of class content and that they would like input on classes that they teach.  We are also getting a tech teacher next year, so should these 3 classes even be considered electives?

Thomas would like to see band as a mandatory class next year for the whole year.  Committee disagreed and stated there should be one more year long elective. 

Conclusions - Possible other electives:  STEM Program (Robotics)
                                        Language class (Spanish?)

-Keep Odyssey of the Mind as an extra-curricular


6.5 CWL Tea

Appreciation Tea - 25-30 CWL showed up
1 KOC showed up.



Megan presented a folder/registration package that she received from another catholic school. 

Inside the folder:

  • Catholic Education Pamphlet from CISBC

  • CURRENT Family Handbook for school outlining Policies & Procedures

  • Engraved Pen as keepsake

  • Registration information w/ checklist & school fees for current year

  • Application for Admission

  • Family Payment Schedule & Pre-authorized Debit From

  • General Consent Form for Class trips to the church
    (located across the street), Terry Fox Run and daily physical activities

  • Family Statement of Commitment

  • Discipline Policy

  • Internet Access Form



Rhonda reviewed the duties of each member role.

  • Rhonda nominates Dave for chair, Ado second – accepted

  • Dave nominates Rhonda for vice chair, Dale seconds – accepted

  • Appointed by Pastor, nominated by Melissa, Mark for treasurer, Jenna seconds – accept

  • Rhonda nominates Dale for CISVA Delegate - accept

  • Rhonda nominates Jenna for secretary, Dave seconds – accepted

  • Dave nominates Ado for maintenance – accepted

  • Angela member at large

  • Rhonda Chair of Parent Fundraising Group.


6.8 MEETING DATES 2018/2019

 Strategic Planning August 29

 September 20

October 25

November 22

December 13

January 24

February 28

March 14

April 25

May 23

June 13


 Principals Report


·        Present Enrolment 204.  Next year 190 students thus far.  Hoping to be over 200 by beginning of September.


·        Nikki Gaffney submitted letter of resignation effective after the last day of school


·        Kristina Choboter assigned to grade 7 next year and a short-term job posting will be created for grade 5 as Peter Short on LTD.


·        Contracts will be signed by school end and looking to have all teaching assignments filled for next year in the same time frame.


·        CISVA theme for 2018-2019 “What do you want of me, Lord?”


·        Sandra Reis came in and gave a workshop on the last Pro-D day to support the teachers in revamping unit plans and assessments to make sure we’re in line with Ministry requirements for the new curriculum


·        Grade 6/7 Vancouver Odyssey was a success.  Students visited Science World, Vancouver Aquarium, Richmond Watermania and Van Dusen Botanical Gardens.  Vancouver College was our host and treated the kids to a continental breakfast.


·        June is a busy month with all the year end activities.  Grade 7s will be running the fun day stations and keeping track of all the scores.


·        Next year our school will be undergoing both a CISVA and an external (Ministry Education) evaluations.  These will take place in the Fall of 2018 (CISVA Oct 2-3, MoE: TBD)


Staff is gearing up for this and part of their planning day in June was spent highlighting the things we need to do and things evaluators need to see in our classrooms in order to be compliant.  Teachers will also get a day at the end of August to collaborate with me and fellow classroom teachers I preparation for this.









PECMelissa Godbout