PEC Meeting Minutes: April 2018


Parish Education Committee
Minutes April 26, 2018

IN ATTENDANCE:  Rhonda Sexsmith, Lori Johnson, Adrian Gagnon, Fr. Edwin, Colette Whalley, Dave Johnson, Thomas Slivinski, Megan Peterson, Melissa Godbout
GUESTS: Pat Symes, Marlene Kessler, Jim Donegan

  1. Opening prayer
  2. Approval of Agenda -Lori approved, Second Melissa
  3. Approval of minutes March 2018 - Lori approved, Second Dave

4.1 Treasurer -Reports passed out – Nothing to note at this time. 

4.2  Pastor-

4.3 PRINCIPALS - See Attached

4.4  TEACHERS - Marlene Kessler came in and spoke tonight.  She touched on current events in all classes.  Highlights being Grade 7s preparing for Confirmation as well as Grade 2s preparing for their First Communion. 

4.5 FUNDRAISING -Monte Carlo brought in approximately $11,000.  There were issues with volunteers for the event this year. 

4.6 MAINTENANCE -Basketball Hoops still not installed.  

Action items - Talk to Chris Veenstra about Basketball Hoops again

Person responsible - Adrian or Thomas

Deadline -May 22, 2018


5.1 STRATEGIC PLAN -Dave handed out the strategic plan and all items were reviewed.

Conclusions -Many items completed or ongoing.  A few to be implemented next year.  See below. 

Action items- Enrichment – Plan for next year

Person responsible - Everyone

Deadline - May 22, 2018

Action items- School Community “Houses” – Implement at beginning of next year to increase school spirit and fostering mentorship throughout the year. 4 different house “colors” that each grade is split into. The grades are intermingled together for student activities (games day, walkathon ect) in their house colors.   

Person responsible -Thomas & Teachers

Deadline -Sept 30, 2018

Action items- Establish formal PFG Committee

Person responsible -Megan

 Deadline -June/Sept 

Legacy Committee – On pause until Fr. Wilfred Gomes comes

Marketing Committee/Enrolment Campaign – Disbanded

5.2 ENRICHMENT -Make a list of ideas for Enrichment Activities for next year.  Thomas will bring these ideas to the teacher planning day in June where they will discuss them and he can bring us back the feedback. 

Action items- Think of an Enrichment Activity

Person responsible-EVERYONE

Deadline- May 22, 2018

5.3 TECH SUPPORT -Thomas reached out to Geek Squad and is waiting to hear back for quote for a combined school price.  The individual monthly fee was very expensive. 

5.4 COUNSELLOR -Thomas talked to a counsellor and he is willing to help on a PT basis.  He has not talked logistics with him yet and we would have to build this into our budget. 

5.5 CLASS PHONES -Dave spoke to Shaw and wanted to know if each classroom was going to “outside” lines or if the lines were going directly to the office and that was it.  The cost difference is drastically different depending on what route we choose to go.  

Conclusions -It was decided that the classroom lines will go to the office only for emergency purposes.  This was the more cost-effective solution. 

5.6 CLEANING CONTRACT -Thomas contacted references for Lifestyle Cleaning and they all turned out positive. 

Conclusions -Move forward with contract with Lifestyle Cleaning. 

5.7 PROMETHEAN PLANET -Start up costs are expensive and we do not have Smartboards in all classrooms as of yet.  There is a monthly subscription per classroom.  Thomas figured $5000-$10,000 for the remainder of smartboards. 

Conclusions -Put smartboards on the list for Fundraising Monies. 

5.8 LIFESKILLS -Tabled until next meeting.


6.1 Preliminary budget -Wish list:  

  • Marketing Budget
  • Ron has asked for a new bus due to the fact that his bus is a manual transmission.
  • 2 Chromebook Carts – 30 Chromebooks on each cart ($5000-$7000 each).
  • Bug Extermination
  • Earthquake System Maintenance
  • Gym Equipment ex:  pinnies (Fundraising Wishlist)
  • 4-5 More Smartboards, preferably leased.  (Fundraising WishList) 

Action items- Ask Knights of Columbus for a donation for bus. 

Person responsible- Dave

Deadline - May 22, 2018

6.2 APP - Should we delete “clubs/class” section from App?
Costs us $500 for the year.  Not all teachers are using this feature currently. 

Also waiting to hear back from CISVA if they agree to Apples new terms and conditions regarding Apps.  

Conclusions -Discussed but no conclusion was made.  Bring up at next meeting to confirm our plan. 

6.3 INSURANCE PARKING LOT EVENTS -We now need insurance to cover the parents working our parking lot fundraisers at Heritage Park.  Knights of Columbus will have their own insurance for the event for their members, but not sure if it will cover the parent volunteers.

Action items- Find out if KOC insurance will cover our parent volunteers 

Person responsible - Rhonda 

Deadline- ASAP

6.4 PEC ELECTIONS -No one has applied yet to be a new member.  Fr. Edwin will appoint Mark Filiatrault to be our new treasurer. 

6.5 THANK YOU TEA -June 6th for Thank You Appreciation Tea for KOC and CWL.
School Choir to sing after mass. 


***Next Meeting MAY 22nd, 2018***


Principals Report


  • CISVA Teacher Mylene Espinosa has formally applied for a job here, being on the transfer list.  Her conditional letter of intent to work with us has an expiry date of April 30th.


  • Have met with a number of new families hoping to join our school next year.


  • Interviewing 2 candidates for our Communications and Development Position


  • Present Enrolment 204 students.  Kindergarten enrolment for next year – 20 students


  • Staff – Monique Demers if off work indefinitely and will not be returning next year.  Steve Grout filling in on Fridays.  EA’s coming together to facilitate a study/prep block on Thursdays.  


  • Added June 11th for another Pro-D day for teachers, as per their request, for New Curriculum Planning. 


  • Students currently engaged in track and field, basketball, odyssey of the mind and walkathon activities. 


  • One of our students will be moving on to the CISVA wide championships for Spelling Bee at St. Anthony’s School. 


  • Lots of activities planned for May and June -  Sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion, field strips, paddleboarding, Vancouver over night trip, Playland “Science of Fun” ect. 
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