PFG Meeting Minutes: March 2018

Parent Fundraising Group
March 2018 Minutes

Attendance: Megan Peterson, Pat Symes, Jenna & Chris Winterhoff, Marten Godard

Agenda:  Jenna Winterhoff, Pat Symes

Minutes:  Pat Symes, Megan Peterson

4.1 - Pub Fundraiser
Good – Lets keep at Corky’s for next year.

4.2 - 70th Anniversary
Photo booth for 2 hours.  8-10pm preprinted photo card with 70th Anniversary   

18 tickets sold so far.  Started sharing on FB. Sent out 290 invites.  School families got invites with March newsletter.  First Nations drummers to open the evening.  CaryLynn Victor is going to redo our banner.  Band Confirmation (they want to charge $1000 for this night) usually they charge $600.  They will go ahead with 600$ if they can have smaller dance floor area and move into a corner. Idea of a mural.  70th theme.  Make a time capsule.

4.3 - Monte Carlo
All tables are sponsored.  Already at $1100 monies made.  Prizes are coming in.  Katy is working hard and will follow up after spring break.  Jenna offering to help out.  Coralee in charge of baskets and has a map of the gym and how the layout will be. Veentras to donate a weekend at their cabin in Hemlock.  Money Prize & Costco gave a cheque.  We could use that money for buying prizes. 

4.4 - Oktoberfest
$300 deposit for the Band for Nov 10th
Jenna is researching food. Chicken, ham, sausage – more basic could be better…  chicken and sausage.  Black forest in Harrison will do food but we have to pick up.  Phone to get prices.  
ticket price…  $35????  (200 tix = $7000) 
Contact Trevor Harms for info.  $500 could get us decorations that can be reused year after year.  Also repurpose decorations. 
Liquor:  Beer, wine, hard.
Could have mugs and sell with a free fill.  Then a “refill” price.
Book gym in June.
Look into liquor license.  
Rolling Pin in Hope for apple strudel. 

5.1 Walkathon
change up to maybe a 5km clean up?  Something different?
put an option out to the school community on what activity to do.   

5.2 Pita Pit
Bring up in June. 

 $13,500 raised so far.