PFG Meeting Minutes: April 2018

Parent Fundraising Group
April 9th Minutes

Attendance: Megan Peterson, Pat Symes, Krystina Choboter, Coralee Grimm

Agenda:  Kristina Choboter, Megan Peterson

Minutes:  Pat Symes, Megan Peterson  

4.1 – Anniversary Celebration

How many tickets sold?  32 physically sent tickets.. 30 that have RSVP’d  they are coming but are not paid for yet.
Catering cost?  Buffet style with Sto:lo nation.  Roast beef, chicken and maybe salmon. $20/plate - possibly more if we can get salmon. Will know in May.
Band confirmation cost?  $700 and free drinks for band.
Hall Cost? $500 deposit paid at booking.  Pat did not have her book with her and did not know the exact cost of the hall that we owe at this time. 

Megan would like to know how much notice we have to give to cancel the hall and if the gym is open that weekend to move the festivities too?  She is worried that we are going to lose money and believes that we should not be losing money from the school for a community building event. 

2 Banners being made by Prime Signs for the School Anniversary -  Tracy Wulder is only charging us for the material of the banner (not printing).  No price yet for that. 

4.2 – Oktoberfest
Tabled until next meeting as Jenna is not present. 

4.3 – Walkathon 
Thomas wants to keep it the same and possibly make changes next year.  No t-shirts this year. 

Awards:  Ice Cream party for kids who bring in $50 by the end of April. 
                 Principal for the day to ANY kid who brings in money. 
                 Amount raised went to a FUNDAY for the kids like last year.  No amount value specified as of yet.
Idea of grades in different shirts colors due to NO walk-a-thon shirts.  Teachers to discuss.  

4.4 – Monte Carlo 
If ticket sales are low, we could save some baskets for other possible auctions?

Who is our Live Auctions Announcer?  Not planned yet.
Thomas is cancelling gym on Friday so we can have all day to set up.  Coralee, Megan and their set up crew coming on Thursday night to set up lights and Friday to decorate Gym.  Pat will be at the gym Saturday morning to let the company in to set up tables.  Megan to drive to St. John Brebeuf and pick up fake plants for décor.