PEC Meeting Minutes: March 2018

Parish Education Committee
Minutes March 26, 2018


IN ATTENDANCE:  Rhonda Sexsmith, Lori Johnson, Fr. Edwin Neufeld, Thomas Slivinski, Megan Peterson, Melissa Godbout
GUESTS: Pat Symes, Nikki Gaffney, Jim Donnegan

Opening prayer

Approval of Agenda
Lori approved, Second Megan

Approval of minutes June 8, 2017
Rhonda approved, Second Lori


4.1 Treasurer
Reports passed out – Nothing major to note. 

4.2  Pastor
Was unable to get 3 quotes for the gym roof, so we got an exemption from the Archdiocese to move forward with JG Roofing.  Thomas recommended that we wait until schools out to move forward with fixing it for safety purposes.   

4.3 Principal
See Attached
We have gained another international student in Grade 5. 
IXL Renewal with 5% discount will be $3500 for the year. 

4.4 Teachers
Nikki Gaffney was our guest teacher this evening.  She touched on food studies with Chef Sian in grade 6&7 and noted that the grade 7 class would be selling treats after mass in April and May.  

4.5 Fundraising
Currently have raised $13,500.  Pub Night was a success and made almost $2000. Monte Carlo has all tables sponsored.  Band booked for Oktoberfest for November fundraiser. 70th Anniversary – 18 tickets sold so far. 

4.6 Maintenance
Nothing to report this month.     


5.1 Strategic Plan
Nothing to report at this time. 

5.2 Enrichment
Teachers would like to have a part in the planning so the activities can co-relate to the curriculum they are teaching. 

5.3 Tech Support
Geek Squad – Thomas is waiting to hear back from them with a quote.  Will follow up.  

5.4 Councellor
Thomas waiting for call back and more information

5.5 Phone Lines
Thomas got quoted $30 per classroom/month from SHAW for in class phone lines. Lori will bring the information back to Dave so he can take a look at it as she thought this was quite expensive. 

5.6 Registration
13 Packages left to come in.  No new families to sign up. 

5.7 Promethean Planet
Prices vary for Promethean Planet depending on what package you decide to buy.  Thomas will forward the email from PP so we can take a look. 

5.8 Lifeskills Program
Discussed how we could make this a program for the school but realized that the teachers already work it into their daily lesson plans.  Megan found a program called Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs.  Will bring forward to next meeting for a possible program next year. 

Action items - Bring information to next meeting
Person responsible - Megan
Deadline - April 26, 2018


A new printer will make the yearbook cheaper but we do not know the quality.  Discussed whether to keep old yearbook for one last year or go ahead with the book that will cost less money to produce.   
It was decided to go ahead with the new yearbook, charge the same amount as we always have. If we like the quality, then we can maybe charge less next year or keep charging the same amount.  

6.2 NEW BUS?
Add to preliminary budget for next year.  

Look into Lifestyle Cleaning References.  

Action items - Call References
Person responsible - Thomas
Deadline- ASAP

Officially up for renewal – Colette Whalley, Dave Johnson, Lori Johnson, Melissa Godbout
Megan Peterson has decided to step down before the end of her term for personal commitments. 

Education Committee Facilities and Maintenance person is now a newly constituted role.   



ENROLLMENT -205 Students

Re-energized and happy after a good spring break.  Report cards are all finished for Term 2. Despite having Greg Gerber do a half day in-service for us at our Pro-D day in January, staff would like another day focusing on new curriculum and unit planning.  I am going to see what I can do for them, although we are tight on MoE instructional hours for this year. 

Grade 6 is doing their annual Stations of the Cross service on Holy Thursday this week and are busy preparing.  

Coming up in April – Students will participate in the Spelling Bee, first at the local level here in the school, then 2 will move on to the CISVA Spelling Bee being held at St. Matthews in Surrey. 

School masses – Can April 8th and 25th be relinquished due to busyness of teachers prepping?  May 20th Anniversary Mass school choir & school mass.  May 6th Choir only for 1st communion. 
April 15th Sunday Mass -  Walkathon Pledge tables. 

In Camera - Yes

PECChristian Newman