About the program

All St. Mary's School families help care for our common home, and volunteer their time to help in and around our school through our Family Service Program.

Our Family Service Program helps minimize the cost of operating the school, keeps maintenance expenses and tuition fees low and teaches our students the value of community service while contributing to the greater good of our school.

How to get involved

Each family is required to give 30 hours of service per year, and can do so in a variety of ways, including:

  • Coaching sports teams

  • Leading Clubs

  • Baking for Events

  • Setting Up/Taking down school events

  • Joining the Parent Fundraising Group

  • Providing Playground supervision

  • Performing school/grounds maintenance

  • Working in the Hot Lunch program

  • Volunteering in the library

Plus many more opportunities that come up throughout the year.

Many hands make light work!

Many hands make light work!

Latest Family Service Opportunities

There are plenty current Family Service volunteer opportunities. Click the button below for more!



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